Dining In Valentines Day Staten Island

This is a follow up post to our original article ‘Dining Out Valentine’s Day Staten Island’, why? Because Ordering In and being cozy with your love is just as romantic (if not more) than dining out. from previous years we see Sushi is a Hot Trend, what’s not romantic about bite size raw fish especially when it comes from a restaurant that specializes in serving fresh quality fish?

The following Sushi Spots make ordering easy and are quality assured

Let’s start with the South Shore

  • Cucumber Sushi offers free delivery to 10307, 10309, 10312 & 10308
    With two convenient locations, this sushi spot offers 10% off all online orders
    Click here to view both locations 
  • Buddha Lounge, also posted in our ‘Dining Out’ section
    Up to $25 off orders over $100 makes eating in on Valentine’s day worth every cent
    Click here to view ordering menu
  • Kiku Sushi which recently lowered it’s prices and reassured us they keep the same
    suppliers and same quality grade of fish is a sure choice for ordering
    Click here to view ordering menu
  • Tsukiji Sushi is Staten Islands newest Japanese restaurant
    with a $10 off orders over $50 offer
    View Ordering Menu


Mid-Island East Shore

  • Hokkaido Sushi a long running favorite with sushi from the same
    spot as one of the recently opened sushi in Annadale Ocean Sushi
    View ordering menu
  • Red Apple features an All You Can Eat buffet dining in also specializes
    in delivery and offers a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Special Roll
    View Red Apple Ordering Menu
  • Chikurin Sushi the spot with many famous locations across Brooklyn and Queens
    New Dorp’s newest sushi spots brings lots of favorite specials roll from across the bridge
    View ordering menu
  • Fushimi, also posted in our ‘Dining Out’ section is also a great choice and option for ordering in
    Ordering Menu
  • Crown Palace, the Chinese spot that introduced Sushi last year is offering a special of
    up to $10 off orders over $75
    View ordering menu and specials

North Shore

  • Osaka Sushi serving Japanese and Korean special dishes
    the restaurant offers up to $12 off
    View ordering menu
  • Bay House located on Bay Street actually offers delivery service to East Shore and North Shore’s St George
    With 10% off and a full section of Asian Cuisine, makes this restaurant a great take-out option for Valentine’s Day
    View Ordering Menu
  • SoGoGooGo Sushi is a small family owned sushi spot located on Victory Blvd
    with free delivery to entire 10314 center of Staten Island and North Shore
    View ordering menu

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