Dominck’s Bakery Review

The first impression I got from Dominick’s was that it was a family oriented environment, as tables closest to the door were seated by couples with children.  The decorative environment gave a warm “old fashion style” feeling as well.   My second impression was a sense of disorganization and confusion.  My colleague and I stood by the door for about a minute or so and then finally seated.

Right after we were seated, a waitress approached the table to place our orders, when we have not even had a moment to look over the menu.  When asked for a moment to review the lunch menu, it seemed as though we had been forgotten about.  As my colleague and I sat patiently waiting for our waitress to return, we had quite a few moment to observed the staff running back and forth from their tables to the kitchen, and vice versa.  Nothing says confusion and disorganization like staff members running all over the place while there other staff members standing behind the counter involved in their own personal conversation, while we were STILL waiting for our order to be taken.  When who I think to be one of the managers looked at our table and saw that we had not been helped, she looked at the girls behind the counter, and gave a look of aggravation that displayed the feeling, “what’s going on here”?  The waitress then rushed over from behind the counter with a look of worry (maybe she thought her manager was upset).

The waitress greeted us and asked us what we would like.  When we asked for a brief description and opinion on a couple of lunch specials, she gave her opinion and a good description of the food.  The lunch special choice is limited to Wraps Only (Panini’s & Heroes are not available).  When I asked what types of wraps they served, she quickly replied sundried tomato, whole wheat, spinach and regular, saying it so fast that it sounded like she was speaking a foreign language.  It’s good to know what is offered, but it’s not good to make the costumer feel rushed.  On the note of making the costumer feel rushed, a beverage should always be offered first so that the costumer has something to sip on while waiting for the food to be prepared, which we were not, offered.  We decided to order the Chicken Asparagus which was the Plump Grilled chicken breast topped with grilled asparagus, sundried tomatoes, gated provolone cheese finished with homemade pesto sauce and the Chicken Broccoli Rabe included Plump grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed broccoli rabe, finished with grated provolone cheese.

Finally, when we got the two wraps that my colleague and I ordered, we looked at each other wandering where is the side?  It was just a wrap with a side of sauce on the dish.  The waitress did not say that the lunch special was just a wrap on a dish, if she explained what the special consisted of, we could have ordered a small French fry or salad to share.  I did enjoy my wrap, which consisted of grilled chicken broccoli rabe and came with delicious side sauce.  However, my colleague’s wrap (Chicken Asparagus) presented a strong cheese taste. Not good for someone who doesn’t care for sharp cheese but also included a pesto sauce.  Half way into the meal, we had to flag someone down for a couple of beverages.  Again on the note of rushing around in confusion, I had a waitress slam into my chair while on her rum through the restaurant, and didn’t apologize until she was about five feet away.   As our lunch was near end, I had a few bites of my wrap remaining while my colleague had already finished his meal when a bus boy came over to remove our dishes.  He came and just tried to take my dish when I wasn’t finished yet.  We honestly hope that the service improves at this establishment and learns how to cater better to the customer and make them feel more welcomed.

I give Domick’s 2.5 Whereyoueat “Y’s” based on Food, Service, Presentation and Atmosphere.  Food was good, and the decoration of environment was nice as well but the service and presentation knocks the rating down.

Overall Sum-Up

  • Atmosphere:  Family oriented bakery style sit down establishment.
  • Service: Very unorganized, Rushed feeling, Confusion and not very welcoming.
  • Food:  The food was good, Sauces that came on the side were tasteful and unique.  A little over-bitter cheese taste in one of the meals samples.
  • Presentation:  Even though the food was good, The lunch special presentation could have included a small salad or French fries to make for a better plate presentation instead of just having a wrap on a plate.
  • Rating: 2½ ‘Y‘s

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  1. cheeredup says:

    I ordered the 24 small cannoli gram recently. This website is not clear as to the products, shipping, costs, tracking, and contact information. It states all orders will be next day delivery. I placed an order reluctantly because they sounded good. I never got an email with info and total, order number or anything. Plus the website didn’t give me an account login or info when I checked out and paid for it. No contact info on website except email but you don’t see the address info. So I googled their business and called them. The people working at the bakery were not very informed about the website orders. Called several times for manager, etc. Was told several times that someone would call back. They never did. Finally, I got a hold of someone. They told me they had problems with the website. Had my order and I was already charged $39.99. In order to ship it, she told me it would be another $39.99 for shipping. Since they already had charged me and I wanted it, I decided to do it this one time. Well, they shipped it a couple days later and it took 2 days. I called FedEx and they told me the shipping was less than $20.00 to ship it here the way they did. When I opened it, the dry ice was all melted with liquid at the bottom. The plastic container eith the cream in it was cracked in 4 places and leaking and the water was re-entering the container from the cooler. Needless to say I threw it out. The cannoli box was crushed but they were okay. I media truly called them. It took more calls and I talked to the same lady “Manager”, who told me she packed it and acted like what do I want her to do about it. I told her I couldn’t use the cream and finally she told me she would send another container of cream to use with the csnnoli’s I already had. Kinda upset with that because I would have to wait another week and the cannoli’s could spoil. But I said okay. She never sent me the replacement cream or called me. Nothing. So I paid $79.98 for nothing, except a cutout piece of plastic to use as a “pastry bag”. Unbelievable. I never got to sample it so I can’t give you a review about that. This is the worst order and customer service I have ever experienced in my 58 years of life. Still haven’t heard from them. No product, no refund, no I am sorry, nothing. I would recommend that you shop elsewhere and beware of this website and business. I also googled more about them and read other complaints to include about their bakery. RIPOFF!!!! And the so-called owner I asked to talk to and tried to email, apparently doesn’t care or exist. Dominick! Never heard from him either.

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