Moon Star finally opens in Grant City

The replacement for the Chinese Restaurant Chef Jan (Which by the way, replaced the Corner House) is now opened for business.  It’s the location everyone talks about, off the main strip, yet surrounded by residential neighborhood.  We have a New Asian Fusion type of Dine in Restaurant & Bar.  Moon Star comes with lots of various Noodle dishes, Rice Noodle, Singapore Noodles along with a few Chef Specials and Ramen.

View the complete Moon Star Menu here
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The restaurant keeps the similar look to Chef Jan, but the main dining area which was once before is now an open room with the bar.  It feels a little more relaxed like this, instead of seeing tables upon entering (which was great as well), here you have more room to move and get comfortable. Nice drawings fill up the chalkboard on the left side and a matre d’ section before entering the main dining room.

Moon Star is specializing in an Asian Fusion menu which means they bring lots of drinks to the bar table.  As per their facebook page, you can see lots of drink specials happening. The menu while mostly Chinese, does offer Malaysian and Thai Specials.  Moon Star Cod Fillet, Curry Seafood Pot and Malaysia Chili Jumbo Shrimp.  The restaurant is also serving Thai Style Basa Filet.

More details are available on the official WhereYouEat Moon Star Page linked above.

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