New Fried Chicken spot opens on Victory Blvd


Not too long ago The Staten Island Advance published an article “Is Staten Island short on Fried Chicken?”, the article was sort of a prediction, because ever since then new “Fried Chicken” spots have been popping up all over Staten Island.

View the newest Kennedy Fried Chicken in St George

Many of these chicken spots go by similar names – Kennedy or Crown Fried Chicken, a few have their own twists such as Krispy Fried Chicken but in general most are pretty much using very similar business practices, breading the chicken, frying it and keeping it under the hot light which actually tends to keep it moist inside while keeping the crisp part of the chicken “Crispy” on the outside.

The newest restaurant states he is non-affiliated with any other chicken places on Staten Island, although does have a place in Connecticut. The Crown or Kennedy fried chicken are a non-franchise business which seems to be available to anyone as long as your distribution uses some of their products or seasoning.


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