New Sri Lankan restaurant opens on Richmond Avenue


St George and Stapleton are no longer the exclusive neighborhoods to enjoy Sri Lankan cuisine!  Randiwa brings somethign familiar back to Staten Island and they are located right next to Pho Mac.

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The owner of Randiwa is the original owner of San Rasa, the little eatery that stood on bay street for years until being turned into a Chinese Restaurant, Asian Soup Spot and finally back to Sri Lankan restaurant once again.

Randiwa features a similar menu as the original location, which had it’s own strong following.  Sri Lankan with a twist of Indian and some Indian/Chinese specials, Authentic Soups, Traditional Appetizers start the experience.  The menu offers A al carte type entree’s as well as Sri Lankan specials where you choose style you would like it served such as Hopper or Godamba Roti and then select a curry (Vegetable, Squid, Prawn, Lamb, King Fish, Ambul Tiyal, Chicken or Beef).

The House special remains on the menu – $13, the original Lamprie, a 300 year old recipe.  Spicy Sizzler also a house special, basically hot grill stir fried dishes with green and red peppers, onions, garlic, ginger and tomato sauce.  Seafood options include Fish, Squid, Prawns and Shrimps.  The restaurant continues on with Vegetarian Specials including Briyani, Curry, String Hoppers and Roti.  The last part of the food menu brings out the Sri-Lankan-Chinese (previously known as Indian-Chinese).  Both cuisines are technically Asian and use similar spices and cooking styles (Ginger, Garlic, Peppers, Chill, Rice), so there are plenty of dishes that cross the border including Fish Chop Suey, Chili Beef, Sweet and Sour Chicken and many others.

Randiwa is a 2 story restaurant and the also features a basement room which is currently under renovation and will be used someday for private parties and events.


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