Romance Restaurant Staten Island Review

Updating our Missing Restaurant list request we were brought to a Mexican Restaurant Romance, hidden deep from the the main street of Forest Avenue were displaying a lunch special which I had to try.

It included Soup, Salad, Soda, Tortillas, Rice and an Entree item all for $7.50.  The bistek (Steak) in special sauce (Spicy) was something I needed to try.  While taking photos for the Restaurant Listing page the food was being prepared.  The restaurant is large 3 rooms, Small room at the entrance (good for lunch)  features a few tables,  a Full size Bar (Box Style) and a large private party catering room featuring another bar, a dance floor with room for live bands and a DJ.

On to the food:  All parts of the meal were brought out simultaneously,  The Soup and Salad with the entree, then came the tortillas.  A fresh salad which included Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers with some limes surrounding it was a great start along with the small noodle soup was a perfect proportion for lunch.  The rice, yellow with small vegetables; peas and carrots were all prepared fresh.  The bistek was very impressive, the special sauce definitely added and even created the flavor.  Spicy just right, delicious food all around.  Service was up to par, more of a home style feeling which is perfectly fine for a casual lunch.

The price definitely cannot be beat for everything that is included
Lunch time review receives 4 Stars in the price range of ($$).
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