Salvatore of Soho in Great Kills – CLOSED

Some say it never really opened as there were only a few days here and there where the gates were lifted up and Sal was spinning his traditional pie.  It’s another unfortunate closing as so many people around the neighborhood were looking forward to their opening.  As soon as the sign went up and news spread on SiLive of the re-opening, people were chiming in and calling to find out the official opening date.

Just Pizza was on the menu for the brief few weeks of them being opened – but it wasn’t just regular pizza, it was Sal’s specialty pizza and we did get lucky to sit down the few times to enjoy it.  Unfortunately the restaurant seems to not have panned out.  Without an official opening date and no physical menu – the restaurant is now belly up.  Maybe someday Sal will come back to Staten Island – but for now enjoy some food pictures from his creations.

Sals of Soho Great Kills official Listing Page 

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