Staten Island Restaurant Closings

What’s going on at the Staten Island restaurant economy hasn’t been seen since the past 8 years we have been the local dining guide.

In one single month we have lost 6 restaurants, the following are CONFIRMED closed

  • Tsukiji Sushi in the Huguenot plaza
  • Hylan Park Place now replaced by Joe’s Broadway “Eat at Joe’s” sign
  • Sake one in Great Kills will soon be replaced by Tokoy
  • Osaka Sushi in Westerleigh
  • Oish Sushi (previously Sushi Excellent) in Great Kills
  • 10-4 (Dugout West)

Lots of ownership changes around the island have also occurred.

We always see openings and closings throughout the year, but never in such a short period of time.  Is there TOO many restaurants on Staten Island? or other factors play in the mix?  For example there are 14 Japanese restaurants alone that provide service to the New Dorp area including Chikurin, Crown palace, Nori, Jade Asian Bistro, Nakata, Red Apple, Cucumber.  That’s just a tip of the iceberg.

May we suggest some diversity to potential new restaurants – maybe a Malaysian restaurant, another full service Vietnamese cuisine and how about a Thai place like we had some time ago.

Check back to WhereYouEat for up to date stream of grand openings.

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